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Terry Dobbins

Recently, a woman asked me why I got into this business. It brought back memories of my college days, working part time for a mall department store. Somehow, this experience must have had a profound effect on me…I’ve been working, teaching, and learning this business for nearly 50 years now! Probably because, most of the time, it doesn’t feel like work—I truly enjoy being with people. It’s always a special moment when I see a smile on the face of our customers who have come to shop & spend time with us.

As you read a little bit about our staff, I hope you get a feel for the friendships we have here together. Some of our staff have been here over 19 years, some as short as a few months.  (We have one special lady who was with us for 25 years until she retired not to long ago...Beverly)!  The experienced ones, the ones with fresh, young faces and those in between…they are all here to assist you with your shopping needs.

Dean and I want to thank you for visiting us.

We hope to see you very soon, here at t.s.Dobbins!

Bio pending!

Bio pending!

Jodie Strausbaugh Web Photo.PNG
Debbie Williams Web Photo.PNG

Jodie Strausbaugh

Debbie Williams

It is safe to say, many of you know Jodie!

She has a long & decorated career in fitness which covers all aspects of training, etc.  With 42+ years in health training, Jodie obviously believes in the benefits of taking care of yourself.  Now she can extend that belief to fashion & helping women look

their very best.  (She also spent 12 years

as a jewelry consultant for Silpada Designs.)

She & her husband have 1 son, 2 amazing grandsons & 2 darling Yellow Labs!  Family time is her favorite, along with cycling, walking, & gardening.

I have to say, I have known Debbie for

many years.  We have worked together coordinating Fashion Shows since we opened in 1990.  Debbie's expertise is in the Footwear business.  Does the Shoe Gallery ring a bell? As an Art Student in college, it was easy for Debbie to fall into fashion immediately.  After retiring a few years ago, Debbie thought she might enjoy the quiet of not having that daily go-to job.  But no, she can't stay away, she joined us in 2020...and is now entertaining our customers with her quick wit & unforgettable laughter!

Donna Alcorn Web Photo.PNG
Paula Edris Web Photo.PNG

Donna Alcorn

Paula Edris

Donna joined us in August of 2021 after experiencing a delightful shopping encounter here at t.s.Dobbins!  Retired from a career in healthcare, Donna enjoys building relationships with the each new customer she meets.  Her smile shows it...true delight in making someone feel so good after shopping with her.  Her biggest compliment is that the atmosphere is very friendly, an ideal setting for a "retirement job"!  She & her husband have 2 adult children and, recently, adopted two new kittens...we assume they will fill the empty nest quite nicely!

We have known Paula for many

years now... she's been a customer of ours since 2004.  Paula recently retired from her full-time career & has a long history of the challenge of showing Rhodesian Ridgebacks. 

Being the newest member of the t.s.Dobbins team, Paula enjoys giving the service & personal attention she always received as a customer.  Now she finds showing our customers the latest arrivals of apparel & accessories quite enjoyable.

She confesses that coordinating the 

"Pop-ups" & our "Live at 5's" very engaging!

Mandy Mummert

Mandy is our weekend warrior!  She works full time all week long & then joins us  almost every single Saturday of the year!!  She has been with us since

2003.  In that time, Mandy has shown many of our customers all the good things that t.s.Dobbins has to offer them!  She is always very honest and  helpful.  When Mandy arrives here at the shop, even our pets are delighted to see her...she showers the air with her positive attitude!


Dean Dobbins

It doesn’t seem like it was that long ago that I met my husband...but we have known each other for nearly 47 years & will celebrate 45 years of "wedded bliss"

this coming September! 

In spite of those facts...we work together everyday!  Dean joined us over 13 years ago, taking control of the business side of t.s.Dobbins. He has taken many of the responsibilities of running our business under his wing, allowing me more time to enjoy our customers, complete the buying,

merchandising & marketing of the shop.
In our spare time, we both love to play golf & try to

enjoy the game no matter what the scores total!

COOPER ON SOFA_edited.jpg

Iggy & Cooper!

We would be remiss not to introduce you to our family. 

We said "so-long" to our wonderful Norman in December of 2020.  After 14 glorious years with Norman, we held onto his memory until April of 2022.

Without much notice, we were introduced to a Rescue Dog from Alabama...soon to be named Cooper!

We fell in love!  Cooper is a mixed Black Labrador & sweet!! Wait til you meet Cooper!


Of course, we adopted Iggy in 2014, a purebred born

at the York County SPCA. 

She is still "young" at 9 years, and loves all the attention she can get!  Iggy thrives on our customers

and is ready for any "kid" or "kid at heart" to love her!!

In Loving Memory


2006 ~ 2020

In Loving Memory


2004 ~ 2018

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