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Terry Dobbins

Recently, a woman asked me why I got into this business. It brought back memories of my college days, working part time for a mall department store. Somehow, this experience must have had a profound effect on me…I’ve been working, teaching, and learning this business for 45+ years now! Probably because, most of the time, it doesn’t feel like work—I truly enjoy being with people. It’s always a special moment when I see a smile on the face of our customers who have come to shop & spend time with us.

As you read a little bit about our staff, I hope you get a feel for the friendships we have here together. Some of our staff have been here over 15 years, some as short as 6 months.  (We have one special lady who was with us for 25 years until she retired not to long ago...Beverly)!  The experienced ones, the ones with fresh, young faces and those in between…they are all here to assist you with your shopping needs.

Dean and I want to thank you for visiting us.

We hope to see you very soon, here at t.s.Dobbins!

Karen Sipe

Karen joined t.s.Dobbins in October of 2016.  With an extensive background in Marketing, she has "hit the ground running"!  Now that Karen has been with us all this time, you'll be sure to recognize her as soon as you come in. Her

pleasant smile and calm demeanor is so inviting!  Throughout her career, she has worn many business hats, but now goes by "research analyst for the customers at t.s.Dobbins!"

Whether you're looking for Brighton jewelry or handbags, Tribal collections, Renuar & Sympli apparel, or any of the other accessory and apparel collections, Karen

is at your service! 

She and her husband, Paul live in York.  They have two young-adult children.  We have been delighted to have Karen with us and look forward to a long relationship here at t.s.Dobbins!

Olivia Smeltzer

Mandy Mummert

Olivia joined t.s.Dobbins in May of 2019.

We're delighted to have Olivia on our team, as you would think, she's been in this business for a long time!  Just stop in to chat with her & you'll know what we mean.  Now for the surprise...Olivia is a senior at Dallastown Area High School!  Some of her accolades include YC finalist for Distinguished Young Women, Future Leaders of York graduate, Rotary Student of the Month (May '19).  She loves volunteering, reading, biking, camping, bluegrass festivals & of course, traveling with her family & pet dog, Tucker!

Mandy is our weekend warrior!  She works full time all week long & then joins us when we are open Thursday evenings & most every single Saturday!!  She has been with us since 2003.  In that time, Mandy has shown many of our customers all the good things that t.s.Dobbins has to offer them!  She is always very honest and  helpful.  When Mandy arrives here at the shop, even our pets are delighted to see her...she showers the air with her positive attitude!

Gerti Stadler

Dean Dobbins

Gerti has been one of our perpetual part-time assistants since 2009.  As with most everyone on the staff here at t.s.Dobbins, she has completed her specialized training at the Brighton Accessories factory in California.  She adds a special flavor to our mix!  With her wonderful German accent, flair for clothing & accessories, Gerti brings about an attitude of enthusiasm that we all try to catch!

It doesn’t seem like it was that long ago that I met my husband...but we have known each other for over 40 years & just celebrated 40 years of "wedded bliss" this past September! 

In spite of those facts...we work together everyday!  Dean joined us over 8 years ago, taking control of the business side of t.s.Dobbins. He has taken many of the responsibilities of running our business under his wing, allowing me more time to enjoy our customers,  complete the buying,

merchandising & marketing of the shop.
In our spare time, we both love to play golf & try to enjoy the game no matter what the scores total!

Norman & Iggy!

We would be remiss not to introduce you to our family!  Norman was rescued from the York County SPCA in March of 2007, when he was just 4 months old. 

All Norman wants is lots of love!  We adopted Iggy in 2014, a purebred born at the York County SPCA. 

She is still very young at 5 1/2 years, and loves all the attention she can get!  They are, most times

in the back room of the shop...ready for any

"kid" or "kid at heart" to love them!!

In Loving Memory


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